Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chair #41

—Designed by Steve Holman

Steve Holman is an interesting guy. He’s from Vermont, so he’s already cool. After escaping a life in the family car biz he spent a year after college building wooden boats on Cape Cod, a year building farmworker housing in California, and a year working for a furniture maker in Oakland. Then In 1981 he moved to Vermont and built post and beam houses for a quick stint before opening his own furniture making shop. Being young and ignorant “so stupid you don’t know you’re stupid”— his grandfather would say to him, he says he made some mediocre work before building his first decent piece of furniture in 1985. His furniture is solid, functional and fun!

+ + +
“These stools are from my Buck Rogers’ period. I know they’re strong because my toddler pushed one down the stairs and it didn’t break.”
                              —Steve Holman

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