Friday, June 5, 2009

Chair #156

—Designer unknown

You're a wiz at biz. You're the youngest CEO in the hub. You like this chair because its solid. It's okay that it's a little harder to maneuver than a swivel chair because it reminds you of your father who always told you that nothing in life should be too easy. You buy your clothes at Louis of Boston and have a growing collection of cufflinks. You lunch at Stephanie's On Newbury, but you lust for Locke-Ober since they stopped serving lunch. You row on the Charles, even in winter. You spend nights at the Wang listening to the sweet sounds of the BSO. Not to be confused with the Pops. Ever. You sit at this chair to make decisions that will impact the financial lives of many. Don't screw it up, kid.

+ + +
"It is not how much you make that counts 
but how much money you keep."
               —Robert Kiyosaki   (investor, businessman, author)

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