Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chair #239

—Designer unknown (offered through Wisteria Catalogue)

California dreaming. You sit in this chair on a brilliant, sunshiny morning, drinking warm chai. The salt air is stinging your nose after your morning swim, and your arms and legs are all tingly and refreshed. You are wearing nothing but the scent of the ocean as you read your daily horoscope. Yep. It's good to feel that inner harmony. Later you'll dress in that yellow and pink Indian block print sundress, and you'll saunter through the farmer's markets to find some buffalo mozzerella cheese. Just the perfect thing to have for lunch with those heirloom tomatoes that you picked earlier from your garden. All it will need is a little extra virgin olive oil—the special kind that you brought back from Tuscany last fall, not the everyday stuff—along with some Fleur du sel and fresh cracked black pepper. Summertime perfection.

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