Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chair #108

—Designed by George Ingham

This 1970s chair is über wow. George Ingham (1940 - 2003) was born in Pakistan and studied design at several art schools in the United Kingdom, worked as an industrial designer, then in 1977 started his own furniture business in Hertfordshire. In 1982 Ingham moved to Australia to become the inaugural Head of the Wood Workshop at the ANU School of Art where was a central identity in the visual arts and crafts community of the Canberra region for twenty years before his premature death in 2003. Ingham had an interest in working with discarded wood and he shows extraordinary skills in the craft of woodworking with a true craftsman’s respect for materials.His work is held in private and public collections and has been included in many exhibitions in Australia and Europe.

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