Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chair #195

—Designed by Paolo Buffa

Paolo Buffa, architect and designer, was one of those Italians that I can't find much information about, but with this fabulous chair we can clearly see that he was a man of enormous talent. He was born in Milan 1903 where he lived and died in 1970. He grew up in a house surrounded by art—his father Giovanni was an authority on the Liberty style of Milan and also a well known decorator. Paolo studied at the alternative School of Milan and in 1928 he opened his own studio with Cassi Ramelli. Together they designed houses, villas and buildings but Buffa’s true passion was furniture design. He started to produce objects of great elegance based in the Neo Classic style, typical of the School of Milan. His architecture designs are often listed as contemporary architect inspiration. This particular chair is upholstered in red!

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