Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chair #210

—Designed by Richard Hutten

More than furniture, Hutten's Cloud Chair is a sculptural conversation piece of the heavenly kind. The chair was produced by Gallery Ormond in Geneva and exhibited at the Milan Design Show 2009. The limited edition chair is composed of polished, nickel-plated aluminum. A kind of embodiment of the silver lining that proverbs tell us all clouds have, Cloud Chair animates the ethereal cloud into a solid mass. From the back, Hutten’s chair is pure sculpture—a piece meant to incite conversation. It is only when viewed from the front that one notices Cloud Chair’s convenient seat, a sort of throne in which one would be enveloped by curves. From this kingly seat, one could reign over a kingdom of metallic creatures, all ghostly in their cloud-like bodies but nevertheless glossy. Short of a magical neverland, Cloud Chair might make it into boutique hotels and futuristic skyscrapers the world over.

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