Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chair #346

—Designed by Carlo Bugatti

Carlo is from the same designing family of Italy who gave is the stunning Bugatti automobile.

From the Bugatti Trust website: Carlo Bugatti (1856 - 1940) was born in Milan and became an artist and designer of international renown. He trained at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and was greatly influenced by the early exponents of the ‘New Art’ in their reaction against the heavy, ornate, classical, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo styles fashionable in the mid 19th Century. Carlo married Therèse Lorioli and they had three children – Ettore, Deanice and Rembrandt. Some of Carlo’s talents, his individuality and his approach to his art, whether by nature or nurture, seemed to resurface in the following generations of his family.

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