Monday, December 28, 2009

Chair #362

—Designed by Yangsoo Pyo

Korean furniture and lighting designer Yangsoo Pyo has created a series of ‘Afro’ chairs. The ‘Afro’ chairs are made of notebook ‘2 ring springs attached to a steel frame. It employs the image of the unruly, curly afro hairstyle. The metal springs that are taken from 2 ring binders are used to visualize the tangled and puffed up texture of an afro. While the springs create a wonderful visual effect without proper treatment they may make the ‘Afro’ chair an uncomfortable seating option.The chairs come in silver, black and blue versions. The blue stool-like ‘Afro’ chair was inspired by the hairstyle of the Simpsons character Marge Simpson. Doh!

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