Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chair #64

—Designer unknown

Remember the board game chutes and ladders?! You spin the dial and move your marker on the board. When you land on a square with a picture of the bottom of a ladder, move up the ladder to the square where the ladder ends. When you land on a square with a picture of a chute, move down the chute to the square where the chute ends.

+ + +

A ladder-back chair has a tall back consisting of horizontal slats or spindles connected to two tall uprights. Ladder-back chairs appeared as early back as the middle ages, had become widespread in England by the 17th century, and were commonly used in colonial America. Though equal in size here, the top slat—often larger than the others—was often richly ornamented and pierced for ease of handeling. As piercing of the back slats progressed, they began to resemble the sound holes of a violin, and this type of chair came to be known as a fiddle back. 

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