Friday, March 6, 2009

Chair #65

—Designed by Thomas Pheasant 

Symmetry, form, and scale. Each piece of furniture designed by Washington, D.C.-based designer Thomas Pheasant is crafted with these classic concepts in mind, creating his own new traditionalism. His trademark look uses these classic lines out of mahogany, and finished in a rich, glossy brown hue. The inspiration for his designs comes from classical Greek, Chinese, and Italian architectural elements. This chair, for Baker, pays homage to the directoire style. Clean and tailored, the flared saber legs and top rail have a lovely flow and continuity.

+ + +
Each piece has its own innate sense of style, with a functionality and versatility to speak to many audiences...The intriguing mix of scale, style, and finish options provide the forms with a stand alone quality, yet has a versatility to work well with existing decors.”

               —Thomas Pheasant

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