Friday, September 4, 2009

Chair #247

—Designed by Fredrik Olsson and Sam Sihvonen

DUDE! As the geeky Slackers of the 80-90’s Nintendo-generation (you know who you are) enter the adult world and embrace a life filled with jobs and stress, it makes it harder for them to waste their days away like they could when they were teenagers. Aaahhh, those Teenage Wasteland days of yesteryear. Before kids slacked their days away texting one another, they spent their days playing video-games with MTV on in the background, snarfing stacks of Pringles, and swilling cold Yoo-Hoos. The Slacker low-rider lounger with video-game inspired wooden carvings is a reflection of those sweet days days. The chair is the creation of Fredrik Olsson and Sam Sihvonen while attending the master program at HDK - the School of Design and Crafts at Gothenburg University in Sweden. The Slacker Throne is produced in a very limitied edition and has a price of $3200 USD. Exhibited at the 2008 Stockholm Furniture Fair, this low rider luxo-lounger has the perfect dimensions for kicking back in alternate dimensions, while at the same time impressing your friends with your one-level-above-Ikea design sense and ability to point out irony. The Slacker Throne features intricately cut, solid wood arms, foretelling your eventual demise in not only your Second Life, but your first life as well! Mwah-ha-ha-ha…Game Ovaaaahhhhhhh!.

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