Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chair #263

—Designed by Fernando 'FU' Paullada

Remember when you were small enough to fit into the top part of a shopping cart? There you were... sitting high and proud. If you were extra good, weren't a cry baby, or didn't beg for every box of Cap't Crunch or Fruit Loops your mom would actually buy you a treat. Probably a box of Cap't Crunch or Fruit Loops. And you didn't even have those wimpy seat belts in them like they do nowadays. Guess we just lived dangerously and took our chances with those shopping carts.

+ + +

Fernando "Fu" Paullada is an 18th generation Roma born in the entrails of Mexico City, Fernando is better known as Fu for reasons you don't want to know, and his last name is yet to be pronounced right by anyone north of the border. He built this shopping cart chair in his college years without even being aware of the excitence of the "Consumer Rest" chair by Frank Schreiner (made in 1983) which is very similar to Fu's chair. About this Fu says, "My chair was made out of mere impulse and no previous planning and that's the truth and it's up to you to believe it or not. So now that you know and I know, Please don't give me more crap, I'm up to my neck in it. Thanks."

+ + +

I'm all lost in the supermarket I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for the special offer
A guaranteed personality
—song lyrics by The Clash

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