Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chair #265

—Designed by Wendell Castle

A highlight at the 15th annual Sculpture Objects and Functional Art fair (SOFA) this year will be Wendell Castle’s bronze Emporia Chair, 2008. It's from an edition of eight, and it's priced at hefty $90,000. The event’s 15th-anniversary edition, taking place November 7 through 9 at the city’s Navy Pier, features 100 international dealers, four curated exhibitions and a host of educational and VIP events expected to attract about 35,000 visitors.

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OK movie buffs...Remember the film Journey to the Center of the Earth? No, no... not the pathetic remake. The original one with James Mason ? Well, at the end of the film the explorers are trying to escape those awesome giant lizard things (nice special effects for back then, don't you think?) So they all lie in a gigantic bowl, and a volcanic eruption pushes and spins the bowl and them up... up....up... from the center of the Earth back up to the top of the Earth. Terra verde, as we know it. Well, this chair reminds me of that bowl. With handles.

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