Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chair #272

—Designed by Jolyon Yates

An ODE to the Spring - the Leaf Stool is sumptuously sculpted in Birch. Enjoy the practical and luxurious form of this charming and very practical wooden interior sculpture. Bent wood lamination is a difficult process that Yates makes look easy. It involves cutting wood into very thin strips so it will take a bend, then gluing it up and wrapping it around a specially made form while the glue dries. All of the furniture he has made is bent wood lamination, but it looks as though it were sculpted from solid blocks of birch and then finished in satin lacquer. “Ode” is the name he chose for his birch chairs, and he goes on to define that term as “a lyrical poem that pays respect to that which inspires it.” Mr. Yates also says, “In a world of loveless volume manufacturing, ODE Chairs display soul by reflecting the care and honesty with which they have been conceived and crafted.” On his website Mr. Yates speaks "an ode to that rarest of commodities in this manufacture-everything-in-China-on-the-cheap days." His creations are an ode to honest labor.

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