Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chair #309

—Designed by Judy Kenskey McKie

Here is yet another brilliant chair by Judy Kenskey McKie. See Chair #298/October 25 and Chair #278/October 5 of this blog for more of her witty animal chair designs. This bronze sea gull is her largest bronze chair to date. It's instantly calming—as if those huge, upturned wings will wrap you up in comfort once you have a seat upon its back.

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When Judy Kensley Mckie sees a duck on a pond, she does not think,
“Oh, how cute,” or “Look at it swim,” or even “That would taste delicious in an orange sauce.” Instead, the Cambridge, Mass., artist wonders whether it could support a glass tabletop. “Birds are good because they have a lot of parts. I used birds a lot in my earlier pieces,” she says, explaining that wings, beaks, and feathered tails adapt well to her furniture designs.

—From Robb

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