Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chair #321

—Designed by David Savage

Part of a pair of chairs named the Fenella and John chairs, this whimsical chair has a cute story. Designer David Savage was commissioned by a nice couple in Devon (UK) who wanted a pair of fireside chairs. The client John said that he wanted a chair for his wife Fenella that protected her from the drafts of the door behind where the chair would sit, and would wrap around her. And he also requested "...a twiddly bit, just one, something frivolous." Too darling, isn't it? So that curlicue on the left must be the twiddly bit he asked for. I love the inward curves of the chair arms, and the asymmetry of the right slanting swoosh of the chair back. John's chair is totally different. It is a "man's chair", all bare bones and no sissy girl cushions or padding.

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