Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chair #323

—Designed by Ron Arad

Though Arad did make a New Orleans Big Easy chair in 1999, I don't think this chair has anything to do with New Orleans and its nickname. But it's still a fab chair! It sort of reminds me of a big fat puzzle piece. Ron Arad's Big Easy 2 Chair is part of an evolving series. The first was designed 20 years ago and has been continually modified through colors, surfaces, and materials over time. It was a polished and patinated steel version in 1988. It was hollow welded in patinated black or stainless steel with polished off welds and was available in a 2-seater version as well. And early Big Easy Volume 2 for 2 Sofa 1989 sold for $159,000. Yikes! Nothing easy about that price tag.

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