Monday, January 19, 2009

Chair #19

—André Arbus

Gorgeous! Look at the sexy, Neoclassical style scrolling on the legs.

+ + +

The son of a cabinetmaker, André Arbus designed cabinets but he never actually practiced the craft. He did however, make chairs. This Frenchman graduated from L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Tolouse, France, and his custom furniture made their debut at the Paris Salons in 1926. His creations were an immediate success, and throughout the 40's his style was highly acclaimed. Arbus was also an architect, decorator, sculptor, and some say... a genius.

+ + +

The Directoire style is associated with furniture design, fashion, and decorative arts. It was established at the time of the French Directory (1795-1799), which was the tail end of the French revolution. The furniture style has neoclassical architectural forms, minimalist lines, applied decorative painting, and highly grained veneers. It was a precursor to another neoclassical period, the Empire style.

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