Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chair #3

—Designer unknown

You're in the dimly lit library in front of the warm fireplace reading the latest cricket scores. Your cat, Figaro, is purring in our lap whilst you both listen to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Your butler has just laid out a knife alongside some Stilton cheese, cracked walnuts, a ripe pear and a butterscotchy tawny port for you to nibble and sip on. You light your pipe and watch the smoke curls drift away into the night air...

+ + +

The wingback chair has wings rising up from the arm and joining the back at a 90° or wider angle. The original purpose of the wings were assumed to help prevent drafts in old homes from reaching the upper bodies, or to protect the delicate skin of gentrified ladies from the heat of a roaring fireplace.

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