Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chair #7

—Designed by Jesus Gasca

So, a guy goes into a bar and orders three separate shot glasses of Irish whiskey. He drinks all three. He does this day after day after day, and so one day the bartender finally says "You know, I can put all three of those shots into one glass for you." The guys says, "No thanks, I prefer it this way. I have two brothers back home in Ireland, and I love them dearly. This glass right here is for Finnigan, and this one over here is for Fergus, and this one in the middle is for me. This way I feel like we're all here having a drink together." This charming  ritual continues daily, until one day the guy came in and says, "Give me two shots today." "What happened?" the bartender asked, "Did something happen to one of your brothers?" "No, no, the guy said. They're both fine, it's just that I decided to quit drinking."

+ + +

By the 19th century, stools had become mere ornamental furniture, with the exception of the barstool that was used in bars, cocktail lounges, and kitchen counters. It's a high stool that is fixed to a central post or legs, sometimes with a back and arms.

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This is stunning bar or counter stool. The sexy, stylish, molded wavy contour of the seat looks ergonomic and supportive enough for even the most finicky backs.

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