Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to Chair du jour!

Why Chairs? Chairs are ubiquitous. They're at work, they're at public places, and they're at home — but most important, they are comforting. You just can't beat a deliciously scrumptious chair, can you? And I'll bet you're probably sitting in your favorite chair right now as you're reading this.
Why Blue? It's a nice neutral. It gives a sort of stripped-down blueprint feel; the beautiful structure of these chairs comes through even without portrayal of their colors, fabrics or materials.
Why blog? It's January 1st, and I thought it would be fun to try something new—to join the blogosphere. Plus I have a box full of chair photos that I want to sketch, and this blog will force me to keep at it. I do not claim to be a chair expert, but I will do my best to supply chair names and some sort of pertinent information whenever possible. Or maybe sometimes I might supply some not so pertinent information—just some fun stream of consciousness sort of facts. This blog is merely meant to be an amusing study of chairs—their silhouettes and styles. I like to think of it as the eye candy equivalent of a culinary amuse bouche. I love chairs—classic chairs, odd chairs, and sublimely seductive chairs.
Why "Chair du jour!"? I am challenging myself to paint 365 chairs, and to post them daily, so the title seemed rather obvious. We'll see how I do, won't we? It'll be tough when garden season kicks in.
My favorite chair? I'm a traditionalist, I guess, and flanking my kitchen table I have a gorgeous pair of beefy, Louis XV style arm chairs that are upholstered in a chocolate brown leather. Milk chocolate. Yum.
So what's your favorite chair? Tell me about your favorite chair, (maybe I'll do a watercolor sketch of it!), and come along with me on my journey... perhaps we'll both find a new favorite chair.
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All chair watercolor sketches are painted on Winsor & Newton Cotman 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor sheets, using Winsor & Newton French Ultramarine blue.
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—Diane Carnevale

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